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Powering digitally native businesses to grow 10x

Atidiv sets up dedicated teams for you across offerings spanning customer experience, digital media, content moderation, and analytics. We combine high-quality talent, process discipline, and a data-driven operations ethos to become a true extension of your team. We help you scale with business and product insights we are able to derive from our data-driven approach.

Customer Service & Experience

Take back your time to focus on your business’ criticalstrategy with our dedicated agent approach, full-cycle hiring program, seasonal flexible staffing, granular data reporting,and proactive operational insight recommendations

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Digital Media Operations

Improve your end-to-end media buying strategy andincrease ROI by leveraging our digital media solutions,encompassing a full gamut of customized services that fill your unique resource needs

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Data visualization and analytics

Inform critical business decisions with valuable insightsdistilled from unstructured & disparate data sourceswith the help of our custom-built & proprietary algorithms,data warehouses, and dashboards

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Content management

Manage your online presence and brand perceptionat scale with Atidiv’s best-in-class content managementtools comprising automated reporting, performancemonitoring and data processing

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clients served, including 5 $500M+ businesses


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Guild Capital Skin Laundary Home Chef Traveling Spoon Stridekick Argyle Techstyle Skin Laundary Skin Laundary Skin Laundary Skin Laundary Techweek Amass Angel List Tire Buyer

Our Clients

Working with us has enabled these companies to grow faster and do so more efficiently through our data-driven services.