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CULTURE OCT 21, 2018

Atidiv celebrates Navaratri with dance

Mahesh Mall,
Head of HR

Navratri is a 9-day long Indian festival which marks the change of seasons. For thousands of years, Indians have celebrated the week around the Autumn Equinox in various forms, each with its own unique flavors and practices.

At Atidiv, we paid homage to this heritage through a variety of events across the 9 days, culminating in a ‘Garbha’ night. The ‘Garbha’ is how the people of Gujarat and Maharashtra mark Navratri, dancing in circles to represent the passage of time and the power of the Mother Goddess Durga.

Our colorfully dressed employees danced to both traditional and modern tunes to create a magical evening of music and celebration. Our utmost gratitude to the Atidiv Fun Squad, Admin team, and Atidiv employees for helping us make the occasion a grand success.

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