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Atidiv has now moved to a customized 1000+ seater office

Apoorv Gautam
Vice President

With the Atidiv Pune team expanding to over 500 employees, we have shifted base and moved to a bright, new office at Mantri IT Park, Viman Nagar. This marks an important milestone in our growth story, as we start the new year with a renewed vision of driving value for our clients through data sciences and data-driven managed processes.

Our new facility can house up to 1000 employees, and has been custom-built with state-of-the-art infrastructure and security provisions. We are also upgrading to best-in class information security standards, as we look to roll out ISO 27001 certification over the next two months. Achieving a secure environment is critical to our services, this is done through heightened physical and network security.

Upon entering the premises, you will find a fully open workspace that highlights our flat and transparent culture. We love going to the drawing board quite often and our new space ensures plenty of room for brainstorming and interruption-free discussions. Our cafeteria-cum-breakout zone is designed to break the monotony of the office space for quick, effective time-offs! The place truly reflects Atidiv’s culture of innovation, action and nurturing talent.

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