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CULTURE NOV 12, 2019

Atidiv lights up for Diwali

Sajal Maheshwari,
Head - HR

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of India’s most beloved festivals and symbolizes the victory of light and knowledge over darkness and ignorance. While local cultures and regional traditions vary, most Indians mark the occasion by dressing up in colorful clothes, sharing gifts with loved ones and decorating their homes and workspaces as an invitation to prosperity.

At Atidiv, we celebrated this heritage by brightening up and decorating our entire office with handmade lanterns, lighting traditional diyas and organizing competitions and activities for our employees. A lantern-making competition, a traditional dress code and sweets brought festive cheer to everyone.

Festivals at Atidiv are important events where employees get to build relationships and foster a culture of collaboration and positivity. Our utmost gratitude to the HR Team, Admin Team and employees for making this occasion one filled with light, laughter and fun for us all.

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