Case Studies

We helped a meal kit provider improve customer retention

We predicted retention within a

99% confidence interval

We assisted a meals delivery business incorporate data science into its marketing, discounting, and operational strategies. Analyzing the millions of rows of customer data they generate every year, our team of data scientists modeled their customer retention patterns across states, cities and zip codes.

The model predicted cohort-wise retention with ~ 85% accuracy and identified cohorts with the highest risk of churn. We also developed a statistical model to predict customer lifetime values over different cohorts.

Case Studies

We helped a durable goods supplier identify high value customers

Identified cohorts with

higher lifetime value
than average

A subscription-based durable goods supplier, with over $40M ARR, had launched multiple campaigns for different categories of customers over the past few years. Our data scientists conducted a deep dive into their data to identify retention patterns across customers using different coupons.

Our team analyzed the long-term impact of different discounting strategies. We identified the coupons that brought 300% higher valued customers as compared to others. We also isolated which profile of customers was likely to be a better target for certain coupons.

Case Studies

We help a digital advertiser manage ad campaigns

Executing and monitoring


ad campaigns a month


quality assurance

One of the largest advertising platforms in the US needed assistance with the smooth trafficking of ad campaigns created from 30 different office locations. Our team handles 1000+ campaigns a month across various advertising and social media channels and assists the in-house team with deploying the ads based on user-defined parameters. We put these ads through a 2-step quality audit maintaining 99% before launching live. We additionally assist with monitoring campaign performance and reporting key metrics to optimize marketing spend.

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