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CULTURE DEC 26, 2019

People@Atidiv celebrate the holiday season

Sajal Maheshwari
Head - HR

The Atidiv team welcomed the onset of the holiday season with fun activities to celebrate the end of a year spent working together as a family.

The celebrations started with bringing the festive cheer to the workspace, and the team got into the holiday spirit by decking the halls in red, white, and shiny ornaments. The festivities that followed included a day of outdoor games including an invigorating game of cricket for the more active members of the team.

Continuing our annual traditions for the holiday season, the office floor witnessed a series of games with several teams competing for attractive prizes. The team also came together on Christmas eve as Santa distributed gifts around the office before the whole team got together to shake a leg on the dance floor.

We wish our partners, clients, friends, and well-wishers a happy holiday season and a wonderful year ahead.

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