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Juzer Tambawala joins as AVP, Engineering

Sajal Maheshwari,  
HR and Finance Lead

Juzer Tambawala has over 5 years of experience in consulting spanning technologies such as data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. At Atidiv, Juzer will lead the Data science and data engineering Business Units in his role as Assistant Vice President, Engineering. Before joining Atidiv, Juzer co-founded two startups - Algorythmix, a company exploring and building use cases and applications powered by blockchain, and CarSense (formerly Carnot), a developer of IoT-enabled smart systems for connected cars and bikes. He has also previously worked as a Business Analyst at A.T. Kearney in Mumbai.

As a part of his role as a Business Analyst at A.T. Kearney, Juzer has worn several hats in his consulting experience. He helped a leading telecom operator in Bangladesh build product parameters and define the initial portfolio for voice-data bundles and multi-simmer targeted products for market testing. He also worked with a leading edible oil manufacturer to develop a predictive product pricing model. The model helped the company define the inputs and business rules for accurately determining pricing bands for each product and region to ensure profit optimization in future pricing decisions.

As a co-founder, Juzer built and led the business and engineering teams at CarSense and Algorythmix. At Algorythmix, he led the design and development of a technology-driven solution for enhancing supply chain management and transactional efficiency. He was also part of the core tech team that developed a product that was awarded the ‘Top Innovator for Most Transformative Use Of Blockchain’ at Citi Mobile Challenge - Asia Pacific 2015.

Juzer studied Energy science and engineering with a specialisation in systems engineering at IIT Bombay. We are proud to welcome him to Atidiv and look forward to working with him on enhancing our data science and engineering capabilities.

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