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Narendra Shukla joins as Director, Data Science

Srishti Mahajan,
 AVP, Data Science

Narendra Shukla has nearly 25 years of experience across industries and is a well-regarded Data Science professional. Before joining Atidiv, Narendra was the Director of Artificial Intelligence and a Director of Life Sciences at Saama Technologies, a Manager at Multiplan Inc., and a Senior Project Manager at Timex Corporation, in the US.

In addition to Data Science, Narendra is skilled in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Regression Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Big Data. He has undertaken projects such as Trade Promotion Optimization for a CPG Manufacturer, International Reference Pricing for the introduction of a new drug for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, and built a melanoma cancer classifier using Deep Learning. Narendra has also led the design, building, and implementation of systems to help companies identify primary grounds for service calls and build product sentiment scorecards.

Narendra holds an MBA, Marketing from the University of Poona (now the Savitribhai Phule Pune University), and a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from the University of Bombay. We are proud to welcome him to Atidiv, where Narendra will lead our Data Science Business Unit in his role as Director, Data Science.

We welcome Narendra to Atidiv and look forward to working with him to enhance our data science capabilities.

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