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Pratik Anand joins as AVP, Media Operations

Sajal Maheshwari,  
HR and Finance Lead

Pratik has over 3 years of experience in consulting, strategy, marketing, and operations. At Atidiv, Pratik will lead the Media Strategy and Operations as the Business Unit Head in his role as Assistant Vice President.

Before joining Atidiv, Pratik worked as a Senior Associate at the Boston Consulting Group, working on engagements in the finance, education, consumer durables, and industrial goods sectors. He helped an Indian automobile manufacturing company with their go-to-market strategy for electric vehicles, helping them identify the right target audience and craft the right value proposition of their new product, while assisting the company in evolving a strategy to create the required infrastructure to enable product use.

He also helped multiple states optimize and improve their hard and soft infrastructure of public schools by consolidating smaller, far-flung schools and ensuring access by facilitating student transport to achieve improved educational outcomes. Before working at the Boston Consulting Group, Pratik also worked with the Powergrid on the Indian government’s smart grid projects, receiving an appreciation letter from the Union Ministry of Power for his efforts.

Pratik is a gold medallist (Rank 1) from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He also graduated with Distinction from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, where he completed his Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

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