Online Media Management

Acquiring customers through digital ad campaigns is becoming increasingly difficult as audience expectations vary significantly across different online channels. A particularly challenging aspect is the scaling of manual execution processes with minimal human error.

Our data science powered managed services help you execute your online ad campaigns at scale with 98%+ quality assurance. With our advanced analytics of the campaign performance data, you can also optimize your media spend and decide which channels to focus on.


AD Campaign Execution

Scale the manual execution of your ad campaigns by leveraging our specially dedicated managed services team


AD Quality Assurance

Achieve ~98% quality for your ads prior to their launch on different online platforms with our ad copy audit capability


AD Campaign Analytics

Take data-driven decisions on media spend with our automated tools that identify the best and the worst performing campaigns


Feedback-driven optimization

Optimize your campaign durations on the basis of customer responses to different ad copies with our proprietary algorithm


Customer Acquisition Analysis

Identify the most effective channels of customer acquisition for different media with insights from our data science team

Online Retail

Your customers reveal a lot about themselves with every subtle action they take. Which links they ignore or where they spend those extra few seconds can inform your understanding of their lifetime value. Not picking up these cues can lead to losing out on millions of dollars in missed opportunities.

With data science, we help you know your customers better. With our solutions you can identify the most valuable customers, map their behavior to understand what moves them best, and monitor their effect on your business in real-time.


Customer Journey Analysis

Profile high-potential marketing targets and design A/B test campaigns with our contextual customer behavior insights and predicted lifetime values (LTV)


Recommendation Engine

Show the right products to the right visitors, improve conversion rates, and enhance cross-sale with our machine learning-driven behavioral correlation insights


Real Time Dashboards

Track your key revenue and cost metrics across channels, populations, geographies and time through our tailored low-latency dashboards


Sentiment Analysis

Address customer complaints faster and improve customer satisfaction by leveraging our NLP-based automated customer feedback comprehension tools


Demand Forecasting

Prevent delays and inventory stock-ups through our data-based demand forecasting and machine learning algorithms

Content Management

The volume and velocity at which data content is updated can be overwhelming for a company if the data systems are not managed continuously. Unstructured data, which is full of gaps and spread out across several unrelated data-structures, can obstruct the business decision-making process instead of providing it leverage.

Our data science solutions help you get your data ready for business decision-making. We help capture, clean, collate, structure, and index your data such that it is easy for the corporate team to access and analyze it.


Content Moderation

Validate your databases with our rule-based content filtering algorithms and data cross-verification tools that map multiple sources including social media


Content Collection

Extract, clean and collate data for your business operations from multiple sources using our best-in-class content collection systems and processes


Content Tagging

Make your data structured, indexed and usable for your data systems by leveraging our manual content tagging team, which is supported by our automated quality assurance systems

Customer Support

With rising customer emphasis, quality customer support is no longer a good to have, but a core part of business offering. Providing multi channel support requires expertise across channels, experience with white label platforms, is expensive and requires thorough knowledge of best practices. Add to that, costs of recruitment, training and other overheads, makes running high quality in-house a big challenge for fast growing companies.

We offer customer support at multiple points in the digital customer journey, including pre-, point of and post-sales. Pre and point of sales support is a core sales enabler, and results higher conversion of tentative customers by providing them with all information to drive product purchase and point of sales support to reduce instances of card abandonment. Post sales services enables that your customers come back pushing up customer lifetime value.


Active support

Support across phone, live chat, email and social media for all your incoming customer queries


Passive support

Provide self-service through nested web articles to answer customer FAQs and reduce incoming active support tickets


Quality assurance

Track effectiveness of your customer support team in solving customer queries and measure performance against SLAs


Customer review analysis

Determine drivers of customer satisfaction and insights on areas of improvement

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