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CULTURE MAR 08, 2018

Women's day celebration at Atidiv

Ankita Vij AVP,
Media Ops

Over 170 female employees of the Atidiv family gathered together to celebrate the spirit of womanhood this International Women’s Day on 08 March’18. We unveiled the “Women@Atidiv” group, a platform to drive efforts towards enriching the overall experience for women at our firm. We have identified Hiring, Retention and Growth as our 3 focus areas as part of this initiative.

As a first step towards building an enabling ecosystem, we organized “Atidiv Speaks”, an event where female employees shared stories on women empowerment and gender equality that were close to their heart. Themes ranged from female education, equality at work, challenges faced at work, to work-life balance, and stories of personal struggles to rise in the face of hardship. Together, we celebrated the grit, affection, courage and warmth that epitomizes a woman. We take pride in having more than 30% female employees in our workforce and trust that this number will only go higher!

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