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CULTURE NOV 06, 2018

Women@Atidiv: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ankita Vij
 AVP, Media Operations

Every year, several international organizations mobilize in the month of October to increase awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds for the research into the most common cancer in women worldwide. It is overall the second-most common cancer and a leading cause of death.

We wanted to play our part in spreading awareness about this potentially fatal condition, as early detection and awareness can play a massive role in mitigating the harm caused by this dangerous disease. With that in mind, Atidiv observed Breast Cancer Awareness Month with an educational session organized by our in-house group, Women@Atidiv and conducted by a trainer.

Attendees were made aware of the nature of the condition, and why awareness about breast cancer was critical in combating the disease. The session discussed common risk factors and early signs of breast cancer, and even guided attendees on how to do a simple home examination.

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