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People. Process. Tech.

Since 2009, we have been helping new-age high-growth companies use their data to scale more effectively. Our business experts, data scientists, operations professionals and systems engineers partner closely with clients to build teams, processes and infrastructure that best grow the client’s business.

Data Science

We bring proprietary analytics toolkits that help you identify focus areas and inform your most important growth decisions

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Managed Services

We help you efficiently scale your most repeatable- predictable processes with a dedicated team equipped with data science

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clients with 5$500M+ businesses


client locationsserved globally

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Our Clients

Working with us has enabled these companies to grow faster and do so more efficiently through our data-driven services.

The DataVerse

Learn more about the latest developments in data science and business optimization, and what’s new with Atidiv and its employees.

JAN 01, 2020 CULTURE

Atidiv celebrates the start of a new decade


DEC 26, 2019 CULTURE

People@Atidiv celebrate the holiday season