Atidiv Unlocks the True Potential
of High-Performing Businesses

अतिदिव् (v, Sanskrit): To reach higher

Our vision
Build a better world through better data. We bring together leading-edge data scientists, world-class engineering talent & top-notch process experts to drive exponentially better outcomes for clients.

Data science solutions that match your aspirations

We have developed a ‘full stack‘ approach to data science that brings together three diverse and exceptional talent pools to deliver world class results. We have three solutions for making your business run better using data science.


Your own world-class data science team
on-demand. Our data insights teams come from top engineering and business schools with data science and consulting experience at Barclays, Saama, Optiver, Bain and McKinsey.


A team of engineers and process experts that can build, fix and optimize your cloud platforms to generate better data and results. Our data engineers have in-depth experience in Salesforce, Oracle, and other dev frameworks.


An end-to-end outsourcing solution that offers unparalleled results by placing data science at the heart of operations for financial benefits. Our team has previously worked at firms like EXL, Accenture, and Cognizant.

End-to-end ad operations support for
30+ offices across the US


Data-driven insights for
e-commerce company


Deployed tools to automate QA audits for a
300+ team


Getting to a single customer score for
subscription businesses


Omni-channel customer engagement for
a large e-commerce company in UK


Improved data accuracy on Salesforce platform for
faster sales targeting and conversion


Optimized sales process for
better lead targeting and conversion

Our best-in-class solutions work seamlessly
with your existing platforms

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Our best-in-class solutions work seamlessly with your existing platforms

View our solutions

Work with a diverse talent pool and add exponential impact

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